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Completed Homes

In addition to creating home ownership for many families and enhancing our neighborhoods, these homes have converted unproductive land into a source of tax revenue that benefits the entire community.

Bernie Avenue Bristol Connecticut
Bernie Avenue Bristol Connecticut
Lillian Road Bristol Connecticut

The Bernie Avenue and Lillian Road development was pieced together with random, unconnected "orphan parcels" of land, the contribution of a narrow adjacent strip of land by the Bristol Housing Authority and the abandonment of a small spur road by the City of Bristol.


The Benham Street house was a trash-strewn lot donated to GBH in a marginal/declining neighborhood which has benefited from the stability and vitality of a new home and family.

Benham Street Bristol Connecticut
Pine Street Bristol Connecticut
Pine Street Bristol Connecticut
Evergreen Street Bristol Connecticut

The Pine Street and Evergreen Street development was built on land originally acquired by the State of Connecticut for the expansion of Route 72 but was unused, and when plans changed was purchased by GBH.  The cluster of three new homes will improve and stabilize the neighborhood.

Greater Bristol Homes
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